Yesterday was a wonderful day, full of love, laughter and friendship. I feel very blessed to have been a part of it.

Happy women day 2022 Ly Thanh Nha

As usual, I went to ISC LEECAM school and learn English with my classmates. At 7:15PM, when I was preparing to go home, my teacher asked all students to go to room 410 for a couple of minutes. I had no ideas why she did that but my friends and I still headed toward room 410. I noticed the boys walking more slowly than the girls and talking about something secretly. I was a little bit curious. When we arrived at room 410, some students of other classes had been standing in front of the room. I felt shy because there were many new students from other classes. Somehow all the boys started to gather behind the girls. Suddenly, the door opened, my teacher appeared and welcomed us with a radiant smile. Entering the  room, we were all surprised. There was one bouquet of roses on every table and the board was decorated beautifully with floral drawings and the slogan “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”. Some boys politely ushered us to the seats. When all the girls had already sat down, the room resounded with sweet music. My classmate, Kỳ, started singing and soon all the boys wholeheartedly joined him in singing the song “Xinh tươi Việt Nam”. We, the girls, all immersed ourselves in its meaningful lyric and beautiful melody. I didn’t know how others felt, but I was touched and couldn’t help smiling.

After the song, Phát, a student from another class, represented the boys to send wishes to the girls and female teachers. Then, all the boys stood in front of the board and yelled “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY” in unison. Even though we were all wearing masks, I could tell for sure that all the girls were smiling because I saw their eyes sparkling with joy. After that, everybody stood in front of the board and took a lot of photos with flowers, gifts and a pretty cake. Next, the boys brought us some little sweet gifts, cookies and candies. We shared those sweetie cutie gifts together. I forgot my shyness. No matter which class we were, we shared the same second “home”, our ISC LEECAM school. Last night, I went home, having smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

My women’s day was full of surprise, laughter as well as happiness. I have also made some new friends. All that remains in my heart is the strong impression of the International Women’s Day at my school, ISC Leecam. I want to send my sincere gratitude to my teachers and my friends at Leecam.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2022


(A student of T2002D – ISC LEECAM)