Leecam Movie Day, A chance to show Leecam spirit!

GV Võ Thị Ngọc Hân

Phó Phòng Học Vụ Trường ANGTQT ISC LEECAM cơ sở 5

Leecam Movie Day, A chance to show Leecam spirit!

As a teacher of 5-year experience in ISC Leecam, I feel truly proud of what we did last Saturday, 25th of August, 2018. It was Leecam Movie Day – the most impressive festival to me up to now.

Firstly, the idea of having a playground for Leecam students amazed me from the very first moment it was notified. With the unique MEMORY TECHNIQUE aiming at developing listening skill, it is not only a recreational event but also an opportunity for ISC students to have fun learn English.

The event was the most enjoyable festive moments ever! At the beginning of the show, the students from four different campuses gathered to take part in several competitions. It was a chance for them to show their teamwork spirit and their pride being students of ISC Leecam. Moreover, they wholeheartedly demonstrated their talents and enthusiasm. During the movie showing time, the students were all eyes watching the touching and meaningful film. To me, “Up” is really a blockbuster which gives us a powerful message: “Adventure is out there, go and discover the world.”

The learning activities afterward were wholesome and joyful, and obviously authenticated the convincing effects of ISC Leecam’s MEMORY TECHNIQUE. Within 10 short minutes, all the participants could learn 10 new words taken from the movie. More than that, they were also able to tell the exact meanings of the 10 words in a confident manner. But it was CHAINING that captured their minds and souls! Looking at 5 simple pictures, listened and repeated 5 sentences describing those pictures, all the students could now be able to retell a story with 10 new words intertwined within. It came out like magic when they could do all those difficult tasks in a very short time: 10 new words, meanings, a story! All their senses were awoken, and all their skills were perfected!

All in all, the show was loads of fun. I hope that there will be similar outdoor events in the future so that Leecam students can enjoy learning creatively. As a member of a great system, I am happy to have opportunities to immerse myself in the amazing activities.  I do believe that ISC Leecam with its unique MEMORY TECHNIQUE will be there to continuously bridge the way to mastering English for all students!