ISC Leecam is always in my heart

Name: Nguyen Hong Hai

Class: Advanced Level 2

My name is Nguyen Hong Hai. I have been attending ISC LeeCam for almost 3 months. I am delighted to admit that there is a great bond between the school, especially An Duong Vuong Campus, and me. Three months ago, I started my journey from Intermediate Level 3. Since the first moment, what I have been impressed most is the professional teaching staff. Although I skipped some of the basic levels, the beloved teachers kept me occupied in order not to fall behind. It is truly lucky for me to be instructed by the super sweet and energetic teachers who always bring joy to classes. Not only I but also other students surround them like little chicks thanks to their unimaginable attraction.

The second thing I will never forget is the cozy atmosphere that the school has created. The warm environment here relaxes us while acquiring knowledge. Even though I only have one more class before leaving this school, I am always looking forward to enjoying every best moment here.

Besides, the school has specific techniques that help improve my listening skill tremendously. It is a great surprise for me to remember nearly 300 words and an amazing story after learning 4 lessons. Moreover, with “pegging techniques” or “memory peg”, all challenging lessons are memorized like a cinch. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an English teacher. One day when my dream comes true, I would like to return to ISC Leecam and do the same as the teachers, my role models, did to me – spreading the joy and knowledge to younger generations. For the last words, ISC Leecam is always in my heart.

Best regards,

Nguyen Hong Hai